a DIY onesie + an important message

As much as it hurts me to bring it up, how many of you remember the infamous “locker room talk” between Billy Bush and Donald Trump? Despite which political party you affiliate with, I think this is something we need to talk about. I remember thinking at the time there’s absolutely no way we could let this man be our president. Somebody who has gone on record boasting about his attempted sexual assaults towards women and then condemning it because it is “just locker room banter.” A guy friend once told me when it comes to “locker room banter” there are three types of guys: The ones who do the trash talking, the ones who know it’s wrong but don’t say anything, and the ones that stand up and say “hey dude, not cool.” Unfortunately that last group is few and far. But Will and I’s hope is to raise Liam to be the type of man that stands up for what is right, whether it be bullying or lewd talks behind someone’s back.  To be respectful but also empathetic to other people, regardless of their gender, race, or sexual orientation. I do believe that part of this is a personality trait that you possess from birth. But I also believe think that children learn a lot from what they hear and see their parents say and do. So it’s up to us to act the way we want our children to act.

IMG_6857IMG_6863Anyways, that was my soap box for today and now, hey, check out the cool shirt I made Liam! I had the idea of sewing some new tees for the fall for both Liam and I, but I have been waiting for the perfect stretch jersey fabric to arrive in the mail. In the mean time I thought I would practice using fabric makers on some plain white Gerber onsies and see what I could come up with. I love the way this one turned out and it was such a quick and simply rainy day DIY!IMG_6886 Here’s the tutorial if you want to join along and make a tee for yourself, your baby, toddler, or anyone else who may have a message they’d like to share on their chest 😉


Step 1: In a Word Document type up your message using a variety of fonts and style. Note: I used Abadi and HaziPen fonts, both in bold.

Step 2: Tape your paper to the screen and trace the words. Note: card stock or other thicker paper will be too thick to see through in order to trace. Freezer paper works great here BUT does not transfer over so if you can find regular computer paper, that would be better.
Step 3: Remove the paper from the computer, flip over, and scribble with your pencil on the back of your paper. The more scribbles the better as this will be how you transfer your design to the shirt. Note: you can also substitute Tracers Paper instead if you have any on hand. 

Step 4: Place the paper centered onto your shirt with the words upright and the pencil scribble side down. (Or if you choose to use tracing paper you would now want to sandwich that in between your paper and onesie. I ended up having my “scribbles” on another sheet of paper and I used that sandwiched in between the shirt and the design.)

IMG_6919Step 5: More tracing! Trace your message again this time bearing down hard so that the scribbled charcoal lead on the backside gets transferred onto the shirt.

Step 6: Okay last time tracing, I swear! Remove the paper slowly, check that all your markings are there. Now with your fabric pens/makers, trace over the words onto the shirt! Give it plenty of time to air dry and you’re done!IMG_6870If you have really nice penmanship or just really want to show off your handwriting, skip steps 1-6 and just write on your shirt with the makers! Make sure it is completely, completely dry before you even think about washing. But I have usually wash mine on cold water and throw in the dryer without ever having any difficulty.

This could also be a fun project for older kids or a fun baby shower party game idea! Let me know if any of you come up with a fun DIY shirt design or message. I have a few more ideas that I hope to get to soon! xxoo Priscilla



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