an easy DIY flannel cape

The weather here in Charleston, SC has made its way down to the 40s and just in time for Liam’s I-refuse-to-wear-socks-and-shoes phase of toddlerhood, leading to moments of bribery and shouts of “well, then mama has to carry you!!” followed by tears and then “oh wow, mommy, look a bulldozer.” So nonetheless we took this chilly opportunity to bundle up and walk downtown to grab brunch, sporting my new handmade flannel cape. Socks and shoes optional, of course. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the cape trend. I mean, really what is the deal…Are ya just wearing a blanket? Did your scarf and sweater have a baby and this is what popped out? And what in the world are you supposed to wear underneath? So you can see, I had some questions. But Jo’Anns Fabric was running a 50% off all flannel sale, so I bought this pretty red/black/gray combination for about $4 a yard and stared at if for over a month before deciding just to give it a go. And I am so glad I did. Not only is this a great gift idea (because sizing wouldn’t be such an issue), but it also has tons of campfire memories and winter maternity wardrobe potential. And both are things I would like to partake in again in the future, should I be so lucky.  DIY TUTORIAL:

  1. With your fabric laying out flat on the floor or table, mark the halfway point and cut a long slit, up the middle of the fabric length wise ). The cut part is your bodice front, the uncut part is now your bodice back.
  2. Cut the four corners of your fabric into a curve. I like to use an old CD to get the perfect curved shape but you can always just free-hand it.
  3. Fold your side edges in towards the wrong side twice and hem in place. You will also need to hem the slit that you cut down the middle.
  4. At this point, try your cape on and see how you want it to sit on your shoulders. I chose to pull the back down longer to make a high-low hem. But you could leave it even across the entire bottom hem). Once you’ve decided how you want it to fit, place a few pins  at a comfortable place below your arm holes at the side seams, and very carefully take the cape off.
  5. With wrong sides together, sew a line of stitches 5 inches across each side where the pins are and make sure to backstitch in place. This will mark the location of your arm-holes and keep the cape from sliding back or sliding off.
  6. Now you are done! Bundle up your family and head outside!

Hope you enjoyed this easy peasy tutorial and a real life, raw moment of parenting fail as I brought my crying, shoe-less child out into the cold (well it was a 46 degrees but you know, we have that Southern blood so anything below 60 is freezing to us. But have no fear, we shoved a croissant in front of him and he was humming a brand new tune in no time).  If anyone makes any capes of your own, please share a link to your photos in the comments below. I would love to see how you style yours! Until next time, xoxo Priscilla

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