two amazing years with liam

Liam turning two has  hit me harder than I thought. I’ve been fighting the urge to dress him in onesies and rock him to sleep every night. But also embracing the fact that he can now tell me with words what he wants, he can independently get himself a snack out of the kitchen, and he finds ways to make me laugh every single day. Having the ability to document our past two years with Liam in photos and videos has been both a blessing and a curse. As I sat around last week, updating his baby book, I realized I barely recognized the baby in the photos staring back at me. Yes his smile is the same. Those big brown eyes are the same. But that little bald head, chubby thighs, and squishy belly seem like such a distant memory. As I hold on to the memories from the past two years,  I am also so excited about the silly, beautiful two year old that he has become.

Liam on his first birthday. Feb 14, 2017

If this is what the terrible twos are, I will take it every single day! Our sweet boy who does everything at one speed: fast, making photoshoots with a balloon nearly impossible but he somehow found a way to keep us laughing the entire time.  He moves with a purpose and is so passionate about everything that he does. When he is sad or hurt, he cries and does it in a way that everyone in the room knows it. But when he is happy, he lights up a room in a way that I didn’t know a toddler was capable of.
Here are just a few of the things I never want to forget about Liam at two years old:

  • How for the longest time you referred to yourself as “baby,” even if we corrected you and told you your name was Liam. And then suddenly one day you started calling yourself Liam and it nearly broke my heart!
  • How you always say “bless you, mama” every time I sneeze as if you’ve been telling me this your entire life.
  • How you love to talk.  If I say “milk,” you say “hot milk” and  then I say “ok, hot milk” and you say “hot milk in cup.” Always trying to get the last word in like a true Terzo.
  • How you run to me and throw your arms around my legs anytime you fall or bump your elbow, even though you knows it doesn’t hurt. But just because you need me to know that it happened.
  • Your hair. That curly mop on top of your head that I drives me crazy, but I won’t dare cut.
  • How you say “goodbye Vana” at the end of Wheel of Fortune each night. Who even taught you her name?!
  • How you still want daddy to read you a book before bed, followed by mommy singing you your favorite songs. I hope your love for reading and music stay around for a long, long time.

These past two years have been filled with so many fun and wonderful memories and  I was somehow able to narrow two years down into a 2 minute and 57 second video. I hope you will enjoy this video recap of our past two years with Liam as much as I have enjoyed making it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can catch all new videos!

Photo Details: Balloon from Cannonborough Collective in Charleston // pants: Old Navy // birthday dude shirt: Ily Couture. com

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