a quick day trip to congaree national park

A month ago, Will and I were discussing all the places we want to travel to and take Liam to see, and I mentioned I would love to see as many of the National Parks in the US as possible. Will then says “well we should probably start with Congaree here in South Carolina.” My jaw must of dropped to the floor! I had NO IDEA we had a national park right here in South Carolina. In my defense, up until that point, I had never really looked into where all the national parks are located and also to defend myself further, Congaree has only been a national park since 2003. So there we have it. One conversation and about two weeks later we checked Congaree National Park off our list! Here is a quick three minute video of our trip through old forest flood plains and some of the biggest and oldest cypress trees I have ever seen!

Only a two hour drive from Charleston, this was easy to do as a day trip and we decided to embark on the 2.4 mile boardwalk trail which can easily be done in an hour or so. Even with a toddler who refused the hiking pack until we bribed him with snacks.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetSome trips when traveling to Congaree National Park:

  1. Parking is free!! So go ahead and do a little money savings dance! I’ll wait…
  2. We went in early March so the weather was just perfect and no issues with bug bites. HOWEVER we have heard in the spring and summer and even early fall, the mosquitoes are horrible. So plan accordingly and bring bug spray and even a light long sleeve to keep the bugs off ect.
  3. The boardwalk trail is wheel chair/stroller friendly and the views from this trail are so beautiful!
  4. If you have extra time, check out how to kayak down the river. This would be a fun way to see the park from a different viewpoint. Click here for more info!
  5. Also I heard in the summertime, the synchronous fireflies are worth coming at night to see. Click here for more information on that.IMG_9164IMG_7971so much fun conjuring the globe with these two guys! May all your travels be new, exciting, and mosquito free! xoxox Priscilla

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