the fringe dress: a diy tutorial

This week has been a wild ride full of medial procedures and doctors appointments and waiting and waiting and more waiting for phone calls from said doctors. (more on all of that later) But I figured what better time then now to keep busy and sew myself a new dress. And FINALLY I decided to try a new sewing pattern that I have had my eye on for a long time now: The Fringe Dress! Don’t ask me why it’s called the Fringe Dress because it has zero resemblance to the flapper girl dresses I think of in my head when I hear fringe. But nonetheless, that’s its name and here is my version.

The Fabric: “Palm Springs Bouquet Blue” rayon fabric from Cotton + Steel. I purchased mine locally from Five Eighth Seams. 

The Pattern: The Fringe Dress from Chalk and Notch Patterns. Only available in PDF. I purchased my copy from

My Alterations:  None! Which is something I rarely say! I made a straight size 6 without making any changes. I kind of wish I had hemmed the sleeves up another half inch but I couldn’t decide. What do you all think?

Final Thoughts:  I love the effortless look of a rayon dress. I think this pattern would be a step above a beginners simply because the hem line of the neck with the facing and the hem line of the skirt itself can be kind of tricky especially when working with something as finicky and “slippery” as a rayon. But that being said, the directions are written out very well and I think if you take your time and aren’t bing watching Stranger Things at the same time, you all can for sure make this dress too!

Hoping this weekend brings lots of love and sunshine to everyone! We decided not to do the Cooper River bridge run this year and instead are planning to check out the Flower Town Festival. And never being one to miss out on dressing in theme, I will be wearing my new flowery dress. 🙂 Until next time…. Priscilla

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