signs from the universe

Do you believe in fate? I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older and my interests are changing or if Charleston is really stepping up it’s horticultural game, but this spring I’ve taken notice to how many different gorgeous blooms are here. I’ve been seeing these purple trees all around town and have been wondering what they are. On Tuesday night we decided to go downtown for a family picnic and I noticed those same purple trees all along the perimeter of Colonial Lake. Will whipped out an app on his phone and finally confirmed that they’re chaste trees, also known as “Vitex.” I knew it sounded familiar and looked it up, only to be reminded that I took chaste tree berry supplements years ago when we first started trying to get pregnant. It’s the fertility tree! Chaste tree has been used for centuries for a number of female reproductive conditions including infertility. The fertility enhancing properties of chaste tree are thought to be due to normalization of the reproductive hormones. Okay so now that we got the Wikipedia information out of the way, I should tell you people have online rave about this “natural remedy.” And whether you’re a believer in Chinese medicine or a skeptic, it’s still symbolic for fertility and I took that as a sign! Because you see, for the past year we have been struggling with fertility as we work on baby number two. It all started last May of 2017 when we started trying on our own. then in September the doctor confirmed what we already knew and that we would need a little help. so in December we transferred our last embryo from the first IVF, only to lose it 9 days later. in January we decided to go ahead and try another round of IVF. we started the process in February. in April we made two embryos, and now this month, June, we will finally get to see if one of them would like to grace my uterus with their presence and become our baby.So sometimes the universe will send you little signs to cheer you up right when you need it. and in my case it came from these beautiful purple trees at the exact perfect moment! romper: Show Me Your MuMu || sandals: Old Navy || Liam’s shoes: Adidas vis DSW shoes || shirt: Old Navy

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