update: life with a two year old

I have always hated the expression “the terrible twos.” Why must people say that? I think something is only as terrible as you perceive it to be. In February, Liam turned two and now anytime he shows any signs of being out of sorts or doing something that is not ideal to an adult, I hear bystanders say “ahh yes, the terrible twos.” But really, I don’t think two has been so bad. Sure he is very opinionated. He has A LOT to say when it comes to what he should or should not be doing at the moment. And sometimes he melts down about the simplest things. But then again… I know a lot of adults who also fit that description. But let us not name names. But instead of looking back at this year as the terrible twos, here are the great things about age two that I want to remember forever: Two years old brought us a bigger vocabulary than I ever though imaginable. Liam can now tell animated stories where he starts out by saying “well, first…” He uses phrases like “just hanging out,” “that sounds like fun,” or “i need to let that cool off first.” He has such a memory for words and language that we really, REALLY have to watch what we say in front if him! He still has his cute little expressions though that remind me daily how he is still a little person. For example he says “I can’t know” instead of “I don’t know.” Or he will say “there him is” instead of “there he is.” And avocados are still called “odd-do-cados” which I secretly hope he continues to say for a long, long time because it always makes me smileIt is true what they say: two year old brains are like a sponge. He is learning more and more every single day and sometimes even teaching me things that I didn’t know. Like an iguanodon? He named one in a dinosaur book we were reading and he already knew it’s name. I couldn’t believe it.  He can now count to 100 only getting 16 and 17 confused and then saying “thirty ten” after 39 instead of 40. But still pretty impressive. He knows his colors, his shapes, numbers, and most of his letters, leading me to wonder what kindergarten will he all about because in my mind that’s what kindergarten is for. But what do I know. Maybe by then, kids his age will be learning how to create iPad apps or some other wild new age thing. His desire to learn is what has always amazed me too. Asking what things are, why they are there, what are they doing, ect. I hear “why” 50 times a day. And now I’m totally starting to understand why my father made stuff up to tell us. Liam still loves books and he could read 100 books before going to bed each night and it would still never be enough. He gets that from his father and I hope his love of books stays with him forever and ever.
So while this post might sound like this year has been all songs and dancing and frolics in the park, we still have our daily moments that make me want to pull my hair out. Like when I tell him its time for dinner or bath or bed and he tells me “no I need ten more minutes.” How he has a list of 100 things that have to be done before he will go to bed. How he still rips his shoes and socks off I the car even though we are already so late for school. How he screams bloody murder if I try to clip his nails, floss his teeth, clean his ears, trim his mullet, or really any sort of normal grooming activity. Which is why his hair constantly looks like bed-head and will forever be my arch nemesis. He had a hard time understanding that halloween candy eventually ends and when there is no more, there is no more. This lead to a week long dinner revolution. And he asks for a vitamin about 5 times a day even though he knows he is only allowed one a day. And hell hath no fury like when you have to flat out tell a two year old “no.” You would think we were telling him Christmas was canceled every time I tell him “no baby only one vitamin for today.” And as much as we have tried to not use the word “no” and instead change the subject, redirect, or compliment something good he just did, he has still managed to learn this word and uses it daily in a tone that only the devil would appreciate. But he is quick to forgive and forget which is something I am learning from him and a quality about two year olds that I adore.

So now as we get less than 3 months away from turning three years old, or the “three-nager” as I’m told it’s called, I can’t help but to say bring it on. I will miss my little two year old sassafras but can’t wait to see what happens next!

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