2018 holiday gift guide for your pregnant friends

1: Lake Pajamas | 2. True Botanicals Calm Pure Radiance Oil | 3. Aerie Bralette | 4. Gift Card Massage or Spa Service |5. Fawn Mini Diaper Bag | 6. Huggable Bear Heating Cooling Pad | 7. Plum Pretty Sugar Robe |  8. Fuji Instax Film Camera | 9. Moroccan Oil Hair Mask  | 10. One Line A Day: A Five Year Memory Book |

I was pregnant with Liam over Christmas 2015 and I noticed that most of my gifts from family and friends were things like baby blankets, cute baby outfits, diaper cream, or other items off my registry. And don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate people utilizing the baby registry. But the one thing all these gifts have in common are that they are really for the baby and not for me. It’s so easy to get caught up in baby gear and baby items that we forget about the person receiving the gift. And we all know that once the baby comes, self care and self indulging seem to go out the window. So take the time this holiday season to give your favorite soon-to-be moms a present that is just for them. Something that they would love to have now or when the baby comes. And something that is indulging enough that they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves but secretly they would love to have it. Here is my list of the top ten things that fit this mold. And to my dear husband, if you are reading this, wink wink. 😉

First off, are these Lake Pajamas. They are a little more pricey than I would probably spend on myself but new moms spend a lot of time in their pajamas. Think: eight weeks straight of sweat pants. So give her something that is super soft and a step above your old college sweats.

I have fallen in love with True Botanicals products (particularly their pure radiance oil) and love that their products are all non toxic and safe to use when pregnant and for baby.  Again this is a bit of a splurge but worth the extra penny. For a cheaper way to spoil your new mom, try a fun hair treatment, like this Moroccan Oil Hair Mask. It makes a great stocking stuffer at only $18 and with all the hair that falls out when you start breast feeding, this would make a nice little treat. I started adding this to my shower routine once a week and can attest that it really works!

And speaking of breast feeding, there is a weird period of time when new moms are not sure when to go back to wearing regular bras. It’s true! Confusing times right there in the chest region. These bralettes from Aerie are the perfect comfy, sexy, and yet still nursing friendly bra that she would love to have.

This one is pretty obvious but I would a fool to not include this. Give a girl a massage. Prenatal, postnatal. Whenever. She will love it and use it. If you are local to Charleston, check out Woodhouse Day Spas for prenatal massage services.

Most new moms think they need a big diaper bag. They think they will want to carry all that junk around town, so they are willing to sacrifice looks over connivence. So spoil them with a nice leather bag that is both functional and stlyish. I love this Fawn Diaper Bag because it can be worn cross body or like a back pack. And it is neutral enough that dads don’t mind carrying it around too.

I haven’t tried this exact heating pad before but any heating pad would be a nice gift for a soon to be mom because both during and after pregnancy, things just seem to hurt. Urban Outfitters has this cute bear and also a cute sloth that would look sweet when not in use and left on the bed.

I have always loved making robes as gifts to give to new moms. Sewbon has a great sewing pattern for those of you who want to make one yourself. For the rest of you, Plum Pretty Sugar makes the most gorgeous robes. Are you thinking, why does she need a new robe? Isn’t that a lame gift? No it’s not. Because nobody wants to be caught in that horrible hospital gown when people come to visit you in the hospital and start whipping out their cameras. Come on, just buy her a robe. And speaking of cameras, new moms will take about 89,230 photos of the new baby in the first few months. This will eat up your iPhone storage. A new camera makes a great gift! We love our Canon Rebel DSLR camera but I know that is a huge investment. This Fuji Instax Camera is a fun one if you are looking to spend a little less.

Lastly, I remember when Liam was first born, thinking how I never want to forget a day of his life. Even the little things. I went out to Target and bough a random notebook and still to this day I write in it every week or so (when I can remember!) about something new or funny that he does. This journal from Anthropologie is perfect because it has a new line for every day for up to five years! I’m looking forward to getting this one for baby number 2.

Some of these items will be listed for black Friday sales so don’t wait to late to get your shop on! None of these companies sponsored me in anyways and these are all items that I really have bought or would love to buy myself! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! xoxo Priscilla

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