shopping for baby number two

When you are having your first baby, you register for everything and anything you can think of. Suddenly your home is filled corner to corner with more baby devices, primary colors, and battery operated gadgets than you have ever seen in one place. I remember thinking I just HAD to have a diaper wipes warmer. Yet looking back, I don’t think we ever even plugged it in. And then the Bumbo chair that we just HAD to have, that Liam sat in for one week before he decided crawling was much more fun than sitting still. Some of these things quickly got consigned or handed down to friends, and others you store in the back of a closet for future baby-number-two. So then when baby number two finally comes along, you think well I really don’t NEED anything

When we found out baby number two was another boy, I thought to myself, surely we won’t have a baby shower. How could I ask friends and family to give us gifts when we are going through the same thing all over again? But what’s the fun in that! So when my sister in law decided to throw me a baby shower this year, I thought long and hard about what we would really need or things that I would really want for this baby. Here is the list that I came up with:

H&M Cotton Bear Rug $24.49 || Now that baby brother is coming, Liam is getting upgraded to a big boy bedroom. So it was only fitting that we register for a few items to decorate the “new” nursery. I didn’t register for much decor the first time around, as we were more focused on the typical baby items. So it was nice to add some nursery items, such as this cute bear themed rug.

Briar Handmade Bonnet $32.00 || I love the idea of each baby having their own special “going home from the hospital” outfit and I thought this Briar Handmade bonnet would complete the look. They are an indie handmade shop that I have only recently discovered but I love the look of these bonnets on newborns.

Burts Bees Crib Sheets $17.95 || We registered for crib sheets for Liam but let’s face it… after three years now he has had his fair share of pee-pee accidents. And while I love a good hand-me down, wouldn’t it be nice to have baby brother’s first sleep in the crib on a set of untainted crib sheets. And Burts Bees are the softest ever!

City Select Double Stroller $600 || Double stroller for two babies. Enough said. I went back and forth between the City Select Brand and the Uppa Baby Vista. In the end, I went with the City Select based on my sister’s recommendation. Looking forward to pushing both my boys at the same time!

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump $12.99 || Either this is a new product or it just fell off my radar three years ago, but I am super excited about this one. I have the big fancy electrical break pump, but there are times I found with Liam that I was in the car, or maybe just an hour away from getting home to breastfeeding, and I needed to just express a little before my boobs blew up.

Tommee Tippee Glass Bottles  $25 || In the past two years or so, Will and I have decided to eliminate as much plastics use in our house as possible. So I was excited to see that the Tommee Tippee Brand bottles comes in glass. We have given away all of our older Dr. Brown and Nuk plastic bottles that we used with Liam so these glass bottles are a must have for us.

Textured Designs Baby Book $28 || Every baby needs his own baby book. I know so many moms that have made beautiful scrapbooks and baby books for their first born, but never even start one for baby number two or three. So I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen to us. I love this baby book’s Charleston theme and that it will be quick and easy to fill out as we go through the months.

Medela Contact Nipple Shields $8.99 ||This one is a no brainer for me. I used these for many months with Liam and its saved our breast feeding relationship. So I knew I would want to have some handy for baby number two. And just like the bedsheets, I figured it would be good to get a fresh pair or two.

Design Due Nap and Pack Bassinet $165 || This basket was definitely on my “want” list and not my “need” list. Of course I need somewhere for the baby to rest his little head. We still have the co-sleeper, the rock and play, a crib, my chest…but how sweet is this bassinet? It’s been popping up everywhere on Instagram and I just had to have it.

Wildbird Ring Sling $64-99 || We loved using our Ergo carrier and Solly baby wrap with Liam, but I never ventured into the world of ring slings. I am looking forward to trying this with baby brother and having another option for baby wearing.

So that’s my little list of baby-number-two items. This list is all over the place, but I thought I should share it while it was on my mind.  And if you are starting a registry for yourself, check out as a great place to start and a great way to combine your Amazon, Target, and indie shop items all in one place. And please share any of your baby must-haves in the comments below too! I love to hear what everyone else wants!



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