introducing our son, bear

It’s been rather quiet around here as we have been welcoming our new son, Bear, who was born on February 14th!

Life has a way of being ironic. Out of all 365 days of the year, Bear was born at 1:17pm on Liam’s third birthday. Yes BOTH of our sweet boys are Valentines babies. Crazy. We didn’t plan it this way but after finding out from my doctor I would have to have a c-section within the next week, it was the only day my doctor was available. So we just went with flow and now here we are!

It has felt like such a long, wild ride to get to this point. First finding out we would have to have another IVF and then a rough start to the pregnancy full of spot bleeding and horrible morning sickness, we finally made it to the third trimester, when at 35 weeks we discovered he was breech.  The next four weeks were spent standing on my head (literally), going to acupuncture, massages, squats, yoga, rubbing ice and peppermint oil on his “face,” and anything you can think of to attempt to flip him, including a failed external cephalic version at 37 weeks. But alas, he was so comfy and cozy that he would not turn. So our last option to safety bring him Earth side was to have a c-section. So very different from my birth experience with Liam but at this point we were open to anything just to get him here.

And now he is here and he is beyond words. I have been posting a lot about him on my Instagram but I hope to share more on the blog about Bear and his story as he continues to grow.  Because I have a feeling his story is going to be a good one. 

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