the wisteria of meeting street

Much like the super blooms of California or the cherry blossoms in DC, tourists, Instagrammers, and bloggers all flock to Meeting Street in downtown Charleston for two weeks in March to catch a glimpse of the wisteria.

Okay maybe not to the same extent as DC’s cherry blossoms, but as Charleston’s tourism continues to grow, so do the number of onlookers at the wisteria. Never one to be left out, I decided to check them out for myself two years ago. And I have been coming back each year since. Side note, wisteria is actually a climbing vine and will latch itself onto trees and blooms these hanging purple flowers in early spring. In the case of this home, the wisteria hangs along a rod iron fence. In the case of my 1 month old, he has latched himself onto my nipple and stays there for 16 hours a day. #truestory.

As we stood there last week taking photos and leaning in for a smell or two, a nice older gentleman asked if we wanted him to take our photo. We of course said yes, only to find out he is the owner of this home! Although, the home was originally built in the 1800s by Timothy Ford (which I read on the historical marker on the side of the house), Mr. Pruitt and his family have been there since the 1970s.  The garden is meticulously maintained and he mentioned that his gardener had to cut back a lot of the wisteria vines this year as it was getting too heavy. He also said he was not bothered by all the photography and in fact was worried we would get a lot of rain this week which would make the wisteria fall faster and he would hate for that to happen because he knows how much everyone loves to come see them. You gotta love that southern hospitality!

Wisteria hysteria is everywhere in town but this spot has always been my favorite. If you haven’t checked them out yet this year, go fast! They won’t stay around long.

photo taken of all of us by the owner of the property, Dr. Pruitt.
Liam (age 3), Bear (1 month), and I last week, March 2019.

Liam (age 2) and I in 2018
Liam (age 1) and I in 2017

outfit details: dress: American Eagle // wrap: Solly Baby // sandals: Old Navy // Liam’s shoes: Natives // Liam’s pants: Old Navy // Liam’s shirt: Zara

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