a saturday at cypress gardens

I have lived in Charleston for nearly 15 years now, but lately I can’t seem to find a place around here that has truly taken my breath away. Don’t get me wrong, I think Charleston is gorgeous. We have beautiful gardens, pretty houses, and warm sandy beaches. But it wasn’t until we traveled 45 minutes north of Charleston to Cypress Gardens that I found myself in a true “breath taking” moment here in the low country.

We decided to go visit Cypress Gardens last Saturday, but this was actually not my first time. Will brought me here many years ago when we were engaged. Legolas was still a young pup, bell bottom pants were apparently still in style, and both of our babies were just day dreams away.

Did you enjoy my throw back bangs-situation? Anyways, Cypress Gardens has been closed since 2015 due to damage from the historic “thousand year flood.” It just re-opened this month and it is even better than I remembered.

There is a butterfly house, a small reptile aquarium, and hiking trials. All of this included in the $10 admission. But the real treat is the self guided canoe trip through the swamp, under canopies of cypress trees.

Leaving the boat landing with my two boat captains, just paddling along while I sat up front doing nothing like a diva.

If you have been wondering why this looks so familiar, maybe you might remember a little movie called The Notebook. This scene was filmed here! Minus the ducks. They were paid actors. I like to think that Will and I are like Allie and Noah Calhoun about 5 years after the movie wrapped up, pre-dementia, with our two kids, just paddling along looking for some ducks to feed.
Image result for the notebook canoe scene

details: dress: Loft // wrap: Wildbird sling // sandals: Old Navy (old) // denim jacket: Old Navy

Beautiful marshes, hiking through the swamp, and a little boating adventures. Totally worth the drive, so check it out before the mosquitos get here this summer!

xoxo Priscilla

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