the happiest easter

Its fitting that Easter is a celebration of rebirth as this holiday now shares another important “birth” meaning for the Brown family. This time last year we were celebrating Easter season and cautiously awaiting our egg retrieval for our IVF. We had no idea if my body would respond to the fertility medications, if I would be able to make any eggs, or if there was another baby in our future.

So now to be here today spending this Easter day with family, watching Liam hunt for eggs, while holding our new baby in our arms, it seems like a dream come true. Our now two month old, 15 pound bundle of joy who started out as just a simple egg is finally here. With all the Easter egg hunts we attended last year, he was by far the best egg we found. And although it’s his first Easter, a part of me feels like he’s always been here.

I hope you all had a wonderful, happy Easter weekend! And to the ones who are still waiting for your baby to come, have faith in what is yet to come. A lot can change in just a year and your perfect egg might just be on is way to becoming your perfect baby.


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