friday night strolls past dock street theater

One of our favorite Friday night rituals is to walk around downtown and grab a late dinner. This little stroll up Church street, past the Dock Street theater has become a new favorite and I highly recommend it if you enjoy touring, exploring, and of course taking a thousand photos.

The name may be a bit deceiving as the theater is actually on Church Street. I have never been to a show here, but the distressed brick and mint blue windows of the building have always caught my attention.

If you look across the street from the theater you’ll see the French Huguenot Church and straight up Church Street you’ll see the tall steeple of St Phillips Episcopal church. Turn right on the cobblestone Queen Street and walk about a block and you can explore the famous Philadelphia Alley.

Or if you are like us you can plop yourself down on the sidewalk, do some quick people watching and then head out to dinner. Walk a block down Queen Street in the opposite direction (to the left) and you will find yourself at Husk’s restaurant where you can order fried chicken skins and think to yourself, who would of ever thought to deep fry something that is already fried, but this guy did and it is pure joy in your mouth. 

Details: Shoes: Vionic  ||  Jeans: Gap  ||  Shirt: Banana Republic  ||  Rattan Bag: Amazon  || Liam’s hat: Patagonia

Tiny Liam and Will standing in the street circa May 2018
Liam and I a year ago this month in the same spot! Look how little he was!!


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