i have this thing with floors

Awhile back I stumbled across an Instagram account called “I have this thing with floors” in which the creator shares photos of different beautiful, interesting floors from around the world. All the way from Spain to Brazil to India, I spent at least an hour the other night just rummaging through these photos and I immediately got bit by the travel bug once again. It then dawned on me that with all the history and architecture here in Charleston maybe I should be looking down at my feet just as much as I am looking up. Perhaps I could discover some fun floors in my own city. So that’s just what I did. Here are some of the fun floors that I found on King Street during our past few weeks of weekend strolls:

La Pâtisserie, 404 King St
Parcel 32, 442 King St
Juanita Greenberg’s Nacho Royale, 439 King St

Mitchell Hill Gallery, 436 King St
Marine Layer, 292 King St

Rack Room Shoes (was an original 5 and Dime store)! 245 King Street
337 1/2 King St
305 King St
These are just the floors I found on King street alone. And as our stroller walks are becoming more of a necessity these days (you know, just over here trying to entice naps) I may end up searching further streets to see what else I can find through out this beautiful city. until then… xx

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