thoughts on giving my children an extraordinary life

when you think about everything that’s going on right now in our country, it makes me stop and question everything that i am doing. i just want to stop and hold them a little bit longer and little bit closer to me each day.  its hard to focus on the good in the world when every day we hear a new story of parents planning funerals for children who were killed while attending a festival, mothers shielding their baby from bullets as they shopped for school supplies, and leaders who we’d hope would righteously guide this country with grace, honor and kindness but instead are building a culture based on hate and disgust.

i made a promise to myself a long time ago that if i was ever lucky enough to have a child, i would give him the most extraordinary life and nothing less. but lately i lie awake at night terrified of the world i brought my children into. these babies, my children and yours, deserve the most beautiful, safest world we can give them. and we’re failing them, you guys. every day that we allow gun violence to continue, send our thoughts and prayers yet do nothing more we 👏🏼are👏🏼failing 👏🏼them.

i wish i had a solution that would appeal to everyone, but i don’t. even the mention of “gun safety” or “safer gun laws” gets construed to mean “gun control” and that rights are being taken away. and while the old Priscilla would say “no one’s trying to control you. we can all still own a gun but lets do it safely.” now i’m so far past that line of thinking. at this point all i can say is fact: background checks never killed anyone. owning a license never killed anyone. and 60 day waiting period never killed anyone. so maybe these could be a start? it seems so obvious but apparently oblivion doesn’t come easily these days. and maybe it will take many many more outraged and terrified mothers and fathers like myself to see this country become a safer place.

i want to raise my children in a world full of kindness, empathy, and compassion. but most of all, i want to be given a chance to raise them. 

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