giving back to our heroes

During the holiday season, it is important to remember to give back to the heroes in our lives—the people whose acts of courage and service have improved our lives and the lives of others.

I am partnering with The Joye Law Firm, here in my hometown of Charleston, who have created a local contest this season to give back to the brave and giving South Carolina residents who make the lives of others better through their acts of service. The firm has decided to award three holiday cash prizes to three local heroes who have improved the lives of SC residents in the 2019 year. The prizes will be awarded in December and will be $1,000 each.

The nominations for the prizes will be made by SC citizens. Any SC citizen who has shown bravery and service to their community is eligible to be nominated. The winners and their stories will be shared on the Joye Law firm’s website and social media channels.

Entries are due on 11/01/2019, and the prizes will be awarded in December.

If you or someone you know wishes to nominate a local hero for one of these prizes, you will need to write an essay that explains why this person deserves the prize. The nomination prompt is as follows:

“To nominate a local hero, the entrant should write an essay of 600 words introducing us to the person you consider a local hero. Explain why the individual should be recognized for his or her deeds. We are prepared to be overwhelmed because we have encountered a number of people over the years who deserved recognition for their selfless and heroic actions. We know that they are out there.”

Nominations can be made through the contest’s page:

The partners at the firm explain that their motivation for starting the contest was to recognize local heroes that may not normally get the recognition they deserve for their acts of bravery and service. They look forward to reading about many of SC’s local heroes and look forward to awarding three outstanding citizens with a prize during the holiday season.

Liam and I enjoyed looking through photos of all of the heros in his life from his school teachers all the way to his favorite, friendly neighborhood firefighter Frank. His only request was that tomorrow we get a photo with the Amazon delivery truck man. 😳

Can’t wait to see your nomination start rolling in and good luck everyone! xx Priscilla