november is national adoption month

No matter how overwhelming and exhausting motherhood may be, I remind myself each day how lucky I am to have the honor of raising two sweet little boys. Today I am going to talk about adoption. And although we did not adopt our babies, I am grateful for the privilege that Will and I have to not only raise them but to be able to provide them a safe home. Because I know the unfortunate reality that not every child is as lucky. 

The simple luxury of a consistent familiar roof over their head, dinner on the table, and warm clothes on their backs is something my children never have to think twice about. However right now nationwide there are more than 123,000 children in foster care, without a stable home, who are waiting for their safe forever homes.

November is National Adoption Month and I have partnered with the Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY) of South Carolina to spread awareness about the need for finding homes for Charleston area children in foster care who are eligible for adoption.

One in every fifth child waiting to be adopted in South Carolina is a teenager and is at risk of aging out with no permanent family (according to

Older youth, kids ages 15-18 years old, represent only 5 percent of all adoptions that take place each year. This matters not only because of the grim statistics facing teens who age out of foster care, which include increased risk for homelessness, human trafficking and incarceration. But this matters because every youth deserves to have a forever family who will be there as a support in navigating all life’s milestones – high school, college, finding a job and learning the life skills needed for an independent, successful adulthood.

SAFY provides specialized supports for families adopting youth from foster care. When a child is unable to return to their biological family, SAFY walks with them on their journey to a forever family by supporting families looking to adopt through foster care.

If you are looking this holiday season for a way to give back, I urge you to look into SAFY. You can find more information at Or if you are looking to expand your current family through adoption, SAFY is a great resource to look into for a seamless way to make the dream become a reality.

xx Priscilla

Disclosure: I participated in a paid partnership with SAFY for National Adoption month however as always all opinions are my own.

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