a few of my favorite baby things: a 2019 holiday gift guide

Here’s a fact when it comes to baby’s first Christmas: they will never remember any of this. That’s right, you heard it here first. But of course you want to spoil them and have presents under the tree, because its YOUR baby and it’s their FIRST Christmas. But deep down you worry that maybe you already have all the things. And that all these primary color baby items are cramping your perfect farm house inspired Instagram worthy living room. So do yourself a favor: Tell the grandparents exactly what you want. Because if not, you are bound to be left with a bunch of plastic crap from Walmart. This week I was working on a wish list for my own little first-christmas baby. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things. And perhaps some of these gifts you may want to give to the sweet babies in your life.

1.“This Is Baby” board book | 2. Jellycat Koala stuffed animal | 3. BIBS pacifiers | 4. Aquarium membership | 5. cotton jumper |6. Amazon Essential pajamas | 7. wooden rainbow stacker toy | 8. Fjallraven mini book bag | 9. Ezpz silicone plate | 10.  Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles |

First up is books, books, and more books. Search Amazon.com or Barnes and Nobles for the new releases and best sellers. Popular ones in my home include the Pete the Cat series, anything Dr. Suess, Pout Pout Fish, and Little Blue Truck. Currently the number one best seller for Children’s Books is the newly released “This Is Baby ” from Jimmy Fallon. We’ve already read it a thousand times and it is adorable.

Next up are these BIBS pacifiers have been my favorite brand of pacifiers thus far. They come in so many different colors including some very neutral and low profile colors so your child is not dangling a hot green turtle out of her mouth all day long.

A membership to the South Carolina Aquarium was the best gift I was given when Liam was just a baby. If you don’t have an aquarium near you, perhaps there is a zoo, children’s museum, or county park pass you could ask for or give to someone else. A gift that truly gets used all year round.

I don’t always like the fashion on Amazon but these little cotton jumpers have been a popular purchase in my home. So many colors for boy and girls. It seems like every baby in town is wearing the same old graphic tee onesie from the box stores so this steps up your baby’s style game a few points.

Speaking of Amazon fashion, these pajamas are hands down the softest pajamas I have ever bought my boys. Even softer than the pricey boutique pajamas. And they come in so many colors and sizes, Sasquatch sizes included.

I love fun but quality wooden toys. I just added this wooden stackable rainbow to our list. You can never go wrong gifting something like this as it becomes an heirloom piece passed down from child to child. And they look pretty cute sitting on a dresser in a bedroom too.

The diaper days are not exactly coming to an end, but the paisley, over the top, unnecessary large diaper bag days definitely can be! This Fjallraven bag is a bit of a splurge but the quality is great and it will last them all the way through preschool and beyond and can be used as a day care/preschool bag, diaper bag, and a vacation/traveling bag. And there are tons and tons of beautiful colors to choose from.

 The Ezpz plate is probably more of a gift for the parents but like I said, baby doesn’t know the difference 🙂 But this is a great first plate for baby, sticks to pretty much any counter top or table and keeps baby from throwing the plate on the floor. A definite must have.

This Jellycat Koala stopped me in my tracks. I love all the Jellycat stuffed animals but just this morning I was watching a program about how endangered the koala is. It broke my heart that in my grandchildren’s lifetime, koalas may not even exist. This topic is pretty heavy and much more than I can write about on a gift guide post but maybe something we should all research more about and look into seeing what can be done. To be continued…

Lastly is a basic wooden puzzle.  I adore the Melissa and Doug brand, especially these large peg pieces that are easy for baby to pick up and start learning how to use puzzles. This is not new news. You can find these at Target, Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, Amazon… they are everywhere. You can’t go wrong with this as a gift.

No matter what gifts you buy or don’t buy, I hope you make this a wonderful holiday time for you and all the new babies in your life.

xx Priscilla

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