happy thanksgiving!

To all of my friends in America who are celebrating today, I send a happy Thanksgiving hug to you and your family! This year I am thankful for my past, the present, and the future.  I remember so many past Thanksgivings when it was just Will and I with our families. And at some point during the day we would whisper to each other “next year wouldn’t it be fun if we had a baby here?” Each year would pass with the same whispers in my ear and tears in my heart. I am thankful today as I sit here rocking my second miracle baby to sleep, that we just finished celebrating his first Thanksgiving, first bite of sweet potato casserole, first time sitting at the kids table, and first nap in the crib at grandmas house.  The Browns have a few big plans up our sleeves for the end of 2019 that I am forever grateful and thankful for, and hope to share more of that soon!

So happy Thanksgiving again to all of you and I hope you are somewhere happy, safe, and loved this holiday weekend. And to all of you who are waiting or grieving this Thanksgiving, I send you love and light, and I know that a rainbow is on it’s way, just for you. I am thankful that every passing year is a new chance to turn it all around. And if this Thanksgiving is not what you wanted it to be, I hope and pray you will find what you are looking for real soon.

xx Priscilla

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