creating your own birthday party invitations

With the boys’ birthdays right around the corner, I am in full party planning mode! Liam will be turning 4 and has very specific requests that include a Ghostbusters cake, a jump castle, and numerous balloons in an assortment of loud primary colors.

Bear, however, is only turning one and has no idea it’s his birthday, so I am free to use some creative liberties when deciding how to design his party.

I was excited when Basic Invite reached out to me to help create a custom birthday party invitation for Bear’s first birthday.

Basic Invite has the most gorgeous designs to chose from with endless customization and color choices, as well as an option to upload your own design. For Bear this year I came up with two different invites.

The first one is a floral + turtle themed invitation that reminded me of a gorgeous spring garden party. Perfect for …uh … our son’s February birthday. But like I said, next year when he is begging for Thomas the Train or Paw Patrol, I will still hold tight to this year’s gorgeous invitation and simultaneously maybe this will help me summon an early spring.

The second invitation was a custom upload that I created. Years ago I saw on Pinterest the idea to create a DIY pictography, celebrating baby’s first year of life. I created one for Liam and it is such a treasured item to this day. I was excited to do the same for Bear.

To create your own DIY pictography, follow these few steps:

  1. Open a blank Power Point document (yes Power Point, not Word)
  2. change size to 5 x 7
  3. Insert 3-4 photos of baby from different ages and preferably ones taken with a white background
  4. Adjust your photos to have a “Soft Edge” and “Bring photo to the back” to allow for text to be placed on top of the photo.
  5. Add written text. Be creative and use different fonts!
  6. Save your Power Point page as a JPEG image.
  7. Log onto and upload!

To make it even EASIER I have also created a template, you can just download on to your computer and add your infromation and photos. Subscribe HERE And the download will be sent to your email box (I promise not to spam you, girl scouts honor!)

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers infinite color combinations, with instant online previews. You can change the color of each element on a card, with over 180 different custom colors to pair. The card can be precisely how you want it, down to even the smallest detail! This really sets them apart from any other online stationery company.

For the first invitation, I changed all the colors to a variety of blue and mint shades and was even able to soften the color of the turtles.

If you are not in the season of life where you need first birthday party invitations, check out their line of wedding save the dates, magnet save the dates, cheap save the date postcards, and full wedding invitations.  Each wedding invitations is part of a carefully cultivated set and they have all the wedding stationery you need including the enclosure cards, wedding menus, wedding programs, and even matching thank you cards. Check out Basic Invite and order a printed sample of your invitation so you can see the cards’ paper quality and how it will print before you place your final order.

Basic Invite also includes customizable wedding websites. They’re mobile-friendly and easy to use. You can instantly upload all of your wedding details, along with images, and a convenient map with directions for your guests.

Enjoy and until next time… xx

Disclosure: I participated in a paid partnership with Basic Invites however as always all opinions are my own.

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