DIY valentines cards for your wild child

Maybe you’ll call me extra.

I can handle it.

But the truth is, I am happiest when I have a hot glue gun in my hand and a project sitting in front to me. I have been feeling very crafty as of late, but before I go pulling out my sewing machines I though I would start with someone simple:  homemade valentines day cards.

Liam needed to bring 16 cards to his class and since our teacher is very organized, I had more than enough time to plan, shop, and execute this project. And for those of you who rush out to Target on February 13 for the last box of Paw Patrol cards, I want you to know something: I respect you and I hear you. For all other aspects of my life I AM you. I don’t know where or how I summoned the energy to do this project but alas I did, so here we go. 

First things first, gather your supplies:

1. 2 – 3 sheets of card stock.

2. pack of assorted mini safari animals.

3. Scraps pieces of felt for the hearts

4. Other miscellaneous craft supplies included hot glue gun, glue stick, paper trimmer, scissors, and a black 

I bought 2 sheets of white card stock for $0.60 from Micheal’s. You definitely need card stock or something heavier to hold up the weight of the animals, but you can be creative and choose any color. I printed the “Valentine, I am wild about you” on my home printer on just regular printer paper. Another option would be to use stamps like Bri did here, but I didn’t have the urge to invest in an alphabet stamp collection at this time. 

I purchased the safari animals on Amazon for $9.37 for a pack of 30. I shopped around for ones that were not too expensive but also not too cheap and plastic-y looking. These looked pretty decent and I still have a bunch of extras that I am hiding away from the baby’s reach. I used a hot glue gun to secure the animals and the decorate felt hearts to the card. I am sure the children will rip them off the card in ten seconds flat but let’s call it a fine motor activity and call it a day. The last step was to add Liam’s name. At almost four years old, Liam is writing his name but it usually takes up an entire sheet of 8×10 paper with three inches worth of spacing in between each letter. So I had him write his name on a separate sheet of paper and then I cut each letter and re-taped it together, creating a stencil for which I was just able to re-trace his “signature” onto each card. That way it had his little personal touch, but he only had to write his name once and no meltdowns ensued in the process. That’s it! Super easy, super therapeutic for me! And hopefully something this classmates will all enjoy receiving in their bags this year.

Until next time, stay crafty xx Priscilla

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