Farewell to 2015

Farewell to 2015! This was the year we went swimming with manatees, hiking with elk, and watched baby owls take their first steps only days after being born. The year we spent 2 weeks attached at the hip in a Volkswagen Beetle driving up the Pacific Coast Hwy, being silly, mocking Californians, and creating a … More Farewell to 2015

Love in Charleston

I have been trying to write a blog post about a new handmade dress, but every time I get a chance to sit at the computer, I end up lost online with news on the shooting that happened last Wednesday here in Charleston. And then I wind up ending the evening in tears. And while Will blames … More Love in Charleston

January Recap

This month felt like it was never going to end. I mean come on January… 31 days seems excessive. Lets speed along to spring time, shall we? I have never particularly been a fan of January. It’s cold. We all look so pale and sickly. Holiday vacation is over but summer vacation still seems so far … More January Recap

Forecast for 2015

The weather forecasts for Charleston in 2014 was filled with dark clouds but it’s looking like sunny skies ahead in 2015. Of course I mean this metaphorically. In actuality, 2015 has been freaking cold so far with record low temperatures. (which is why I am currently in Florida with my sister’s family, escaping the 30 … More Forecast for 2015