Two Amazing Years of Liam: A Video Blog

Liam turning two has  hit me harder than I thought. I’ve been fighting the urge to dress him in onesies and rock him to sleep every night. But also embracing the fact that he can now tell me with words what he wants, he can independently get himself a snack out of the kitchen, and he finds ways to make me laugh every single day. These past two years have been filled with so many fun and wonderful memories and  I was somehow able to narrow two years down into a 2 minute and 57 second video. I hope you will enjoy this video recap of our past two years with Liam as much as I have enjoyed making it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can catch all new videos!

New year + new blog adventures


Hello friends, family, and followers! You may have noticed a little change to the blog. After many weeks of deliberating, I have decided to change my blog name. Fashion and Fishing. com was something I created in 2012 when all of our spare time was spent obsessing over sewing (me) and fishing (Will). And yes we still love those two things deeply! But as we continue to go through life, our marriage, our travels, raising Liam to be a kind and thoughtful little boy, and continuing work on building and growing our family, I have discovered that my priorities have shifted and thus I decided to have my blog’s name reflect that.

So welcome to the new blog (   Hopefully this blog will reflect more of who we are now: A little (but kinda big) family who is navigating through life one day and one adventure at a time. Who has struggled with challenges these past few years but always remains hopeful. And a family of homebodies who craves a Friday night of sewing and the smell of pluff mud on our shoes, but also longs for an adventure on the road. A family of hopeful wanderers.

You will still see lots of sewing and DIY project because #cantstopwontstop but I also hope to share more of my writing, more stories on our adventures with infertility and parenthood, some really fun video blogs as I have found a new passion for videography (hmmm wonder where that gene came from), and hopefully more travel posts and videos because as we wander through life, I am lucky to get the chance from time to time to wander to other amazing places around globe with my two boys.

Thank you for reading this far and for (hopefully) enjoying the blog. If you have any thing you want me to talk/blog/video/write about, shoot me a message, I am all ears!

– Priscilla

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A very late Christmas Vlog

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas or errrr happy Martin Luther King Junior Day. Okay, wait that’s already passed too, so let’s just say happy everything. Each year the holidays seem to come and go at lightning speed and this year was no exception. Between all of our families in town, some very anticipated doctor appointments, followed by a disappointing and heartache end to our year (more on that later), it felt like there wasn’t much to time to think about blogging. But I’m back and looking forward to sharing more of my adventures. I found in 2017 that I really enjoyed making short videos and so I hope to continuing doing so this year and sharing the videos of our travels and other special occasions. So in between the past few weeks filled with snow days and endless Thomas the Train books, I found time to whip together this video recap of Christmas with our Terzo family.

This Christmas was exceptionally cold for Charleston, but as usual the presents seemed endless, the laughter from all the children was contagious, and the food seemed to never stop. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and can’t wait to see what 2018 brings! Enjoy the video!

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fall, fairs, & festivals

In Charleston you never can tell when fall ends and winter begins. The weather is pretty much the same and the temperatures around here never really drop until late into January. So as soon as November ends and we put away the orange pumpkins, replacing the house with all things green and red for Christmas, well that to me means fall is over and winter is here! My latest video is a quick four minute recap of the fall season that was filled with football games, pumpkin patches, festivals, the fair, and of course trick or treating! We had such a blast dressing Liam up as Max from “Where the Wild Things Are,” one of my favorite books to read to him. So much fun in fact, that we forgot to take any video during trick or treating! But stay tuned for the final few seconds if the video to see Max….err Liam…. as the wildest thing who ever went to story time at the library! Hope your fall was a fun and festive one and happy “winter” to you all!

Baby’s first college Football Game

When I think about my many past college football tailgates, I have such fond memories of dancing on the tailgate of a truck with my girlfriends singing Nelly at the top of our lungs, eating one too many orange jello shots, and preparing for endless games of flip cup. But that was many moons ago. Before the days of iPhones, hashtags, husbands, and babies. Those were the good ole days. These days I swap out Solo cups for sippy cups and jello shots with goldfish crackers. Continue reading

birthday blues

I can only imagine what its like to fall asleep in your quiet bedroom only to wake up with a fever, double ear infection, and 40 people in your house, playing with your toys, all waiting to watch you put your hands into a piece of cake. Well that’s what happened to Liam this past Saturday. I debated even making a video diary of his birthday party because he looks so miserable in each video!  Turns out you can order the cupcakes weeks in advance, shop for the perfect birthday outfit, and stay up until 2 am building a balloon arch out of chicken wire and blowing up over 100 balloons. But you can not prepare for your baby to be sick on the day of his party. Nothing that some refined sugar and antibiotics couldn’t cure. And at least we will have a good story to tell him when he is older! Sources from the party are listed below.  Enjoy the video!

Remembering 2016

2016, you didn’t alway keep it classy. And in a hundred years from now, I’m afraid history books won’t speak so highly of you. But I’ll always remember you, 2016, as this was the year I became a mother. Last night, in between nursing Liam to sleep and watching Mariah Carey’s lip sync train wreck, I managed to quickly make this little video montage of my year in review. A bit of home renovation, some traveling, and lots and lots of baby snuggles! Enjoy. And may your 2017 be full love and happiness.



our little mountain baby

img_2853img_4660img_4636 After surviving the most recent hurricane season and witnessing my husband obsessing over a very long and tumultuous election season that ended in one very stressful evening of him yelling at Wolf Biltzer on the television, I can at least give a sigh of relief that its over.  The best part of our most recent family vacation was getting away from it all. We didn’t have to worry about work, the presidential election, what was going on back at home, and all the other to-do list details that constantly fill our brains.  Instead it was nine days of hiking up mountains, crisp dry air, and endless elk and bison sightings. Our camera work was a little shaky and we were having so much fun that we didn’t capture nearly half of the amazing views. But nonetheless, here is a quick video below that summarizes our Colorado vacation which included Denver, Boulder, Estes Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Liam was once again a perfect travel companion! As long as he can ride in the baby carrier and read his books with daddy, he is happy where ever he goes! Enjoy the video!

two parents, one baby, and the Zika virus take on Miami Beach

For my birthday this year I told Will, no parties, no surprises, no presents, and no orchestrated get together with friends. Because frankly, August wore me out! And I didn’t have the energy for fake smiles! I wanted a simple, relaxing getaway with no itinerary, a pool, and lots of sunshine. So when we found plane tickets to Miami that were round trip $120 after taxes, we could not pass up the deal. So two mid-thirty year olds, our 6 month old, and the zika virus, spent a relaxing weekend in Miami Beach. We stayed at the Fontainebleau hotel and although I didn’t find our rooms to be anything spectacular to write home about, the pools and the service were impeccable. At night the hotel bar (and the entire city for that matter) turns into a wild party, but during the day the pools are quiet and there were other families there enjoying the beautiful weather. Other than being in the ocean and poolside, we only left the hotel to go eat in South Beach and Little Havana. But enough typing from me. I will let this video I made do the rest of the talking. Enjoy!